Fabrication of carbon steel spacers, trunking & ducting modifications:

The following jobs were completed on board the vessel during Dry Dock.
1.Shut off dampers replacement and repairs. In detail:
*Shut off dampers were installed using 3mm thick stainless steel 316 casing.
*Stainless steel 316 blades isolating type double wall 1.2 mm per ply, shafts and linkage.
*No holes on flanges.
*Shut off dampers bolt holes were drilled in place and were bolted to both steel trunk and galvanized duct on each side.
*A 1/8” thick 3M gasket was installed between flange connections.
*Carbon steel spacers were installed .
2.Fabrication and installation of Carbon Steel Spacers. Work in detail:
*Carbon steel spacers were fabricated*One coat of primer was applied inside and outside of spacers.
*The old dampers were removed
*The area was cleaned and prepared for the installation.
*Spacers were installed in conjunction with new dampers.
*Checked for air leaks.
3.Trunking modification
Trunking Before
Trunking After
4.Ducting modification in the Fan Room.

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