Trunk & Ceiling Renewal

The work during the dry docking of a vessel is listed below:
1.Trunking renewal, in detail:
*Procurement of required material 3/16’’ carbon steel
*Blasting and painting of the material
*Preparation of inserts for repairing the parts
*Cutting the damaged pieces
*Grinding with wire brushes to remove the rust
*Preparation in order to weld the new inserts
*Welding of the new inserts
Deck 4 LB 10
Deck 4, Lifeboat 10
Deck 4 LB 12
Deck 4, Lifeboat 12
Deck 4 LB 16
Deck 4, Lifeboat 16
Deck 4 LB 20
Deck 4, Lifeboat 20
2.Replacement of several sections of inlet trunk, that were corroded or had holes, in detail:
*Removal and disposal of the corroded sections
*Cutting the new pieces according to measurements
*Fitting the new pieces in the correct sections and welding them
*Cleaning the area
*Painting with one coating of primer
Corroded inlet trunk
Inlet Trunk with hole
Repaired inlet trunk
Inlet Trunk repaired
3.Removal of corroded Sound Eliminators
4.Partial renewal of the ceiling on Deck 4 Port Side
5.Doubler installation on floor of Deck 9  STBD & PS
Corroded inlet trunk
Repaired inlet trunk
Doublers on Deck 9

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