HVAC Systems:

Our specialty is HVAC systems. We can manage the design and installation of the HVAC systems on the vessel. We design and install ducts, cable trunking and we make full unit replacements on vessels.
The affiliated work, specifically consists of:
*Preventative Maintenance
*Repairing and Overhauling of Systems and Components
*Troubleshooting and Problem Solving
*System Installation and Designing
*Testing and Verification
*Chilled Water Balancing
*Controls & Automation System Installations

HVAC Products

Whether it is OEM components or custom-made equipment, we can supply and install a wide variety of items.
*Galvanized Ductwork- Round & Rectangular
*Carbon Steel trunks
*Air handling Units
*Drive Belts
*Flow Control Valves
*Heating and Cooling Coils
*Fire Dampers
*Regulation Air in take Louvers w/wo Mist Elimination
*UV Air Treatment Systems
*Air Volume Control Dampers
*Heat Recovery Wheels

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