Replacement of ducting, fabrication of doors and panels, bellow replacement

The work that was performed on the vessel during dry dock was the following:
1.Replacement of 96 sections of galvanized ducting, in detail:
*Removal and disposal of old ducting
*Installation of the 96 sections of pre-fabricated galvanized ducting
*Application of one coating of epoxy paint inside the ducts
*Upon installation, system check for air leaks.
A/C 37
A/C 37
A/C 27
A/C 27
A/C 62
A/C 62
A/C 25
A/C 25
2.Fabrication & Installation of doors and panels, in detail:
*Removal and disposal of old damaged doors and panels
*Installation of the pre-fabricated galvanized doors with new handles
*Removal of the hot water pipes
*Installation of the new pre-fabricated galvanized panels
*Connection and repair of the hot water pipes in place
*System check for leaks
SD A/C 49
Supply Door A/C 49
ED A/C 19
Exhaust Door A/C 19
HCP A/C 22
Heating Coil Panels A/C 22
HCP A/C 23
Heating Coil Panels A/C 23
3.Bellow replacement on AC 19, AC34, AC 48, AC 52, AC59
Bellow A/C 52
Bellow A/C 52
Bellow A/C 59
Bellow A/C 59
4.Partial unit replacement AC 28, in detail:
*Removal of all the round ducts from the distribution boxes
*Removal of the old corroded distribution boxes
*Removal of the hot water lines and the heating coil
*Removal of the old discharge plenum module
*Installation of the new discharge plenum module
*Installation of the heating coil, water lines connection and test
*Installation of all the round ducts
New Distribution Plenum
New Distribution Plenum
New Discharge Box
New Discharge Box
5.Regotherm Separator wall repair of AC unit 41
A/C 41 FSW
A/C 41 Front Separation Wall
A/C 41 BSW
A/C 41 Back Separation Wall
6.Inlet floor replacement of AC unit 3
Inlet Floor Old
Inlet Floor A/C 3 Before
Inlet Floor New
Inlet Floor A/C 3 After
7.Installation of inserts and doublers on the floor of Fan room 504
8.Repair of the Crew galley exhaust trunk, in detail:
*Cutting the carbon steel trunk 500x500 (mm) to open a hatch for access
*Cutting two doublers and welding from the inside of the trunk
*Fabrication and installation of a hatch cover 550x550 (mm) of stainless steel 316, plate ¼”
*Opening of holes and installation of bolts for easy access and inspection
Crew Galley ET before
Crew Galley Exhaust Trunk Before
Crew Galley ET after
Crew Galley Exhaust Trunk After
9.Replacement of the outlet of Exhaust Fan 33.3.11
Exhaust Fan
Exhaust Fan
EF Bellow
Exhaust Fan Bellow
10.Chiller water lines replacement on A/C 64, in detail:
*Removal and disposal of old pipes
*Installation of the new two way valve supplied by the owners
*Rerouting and welding all supply and return chiller water pipes
*Replacement of the drain valve of the chiller water pipes
*Installation of the temperature probes housing
A/C 64 Chiller Pipes
A/C 64 Chiller Pipes
11.Fabrication & Installation of ventilation trunks in the CO2 room.
VT CO2 Room
Ventilation Trunks CO2 Room