Metal Work

Our experience in aluminum and carbon steel manufacturing gives us the opportunity to expand our services to the construction field. We are specializing in cutting, bending and assembling metal structures on ships. Our workshops are fully equipped to transform, work and fashion all types of metals and materials. Every order is studied and developed according to production processes, that have been strengthened by years of experience in supplying large systems.  

We can manufacture separate or large quantities of equipment and machinery according to the required specifications. The latest technology equipment that we use consists of:
*Plasma and Water Capable CNC Cutting Machine
*Forming Presses
*Hydraulic Shear
*Multi-cutting Machine
*Welding Equipment -Electric -Diesel powered
*Square Wave SMAG, Spot Welding
*OXY-ACY -welding & brazing
*Roller forming – “x 10” Metal  Workers - various types